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Published: 09th April 2009
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Have you heard the latest info about Game Trade Central? Some people are saying Game Trade Central is a scam. This is complete and udder garbage. There is no Game Trade Central Scam. As a matter of fact, I can prove it. I love Game Trade Central and I think it is my responsibility to stand up for them since no one else is standing up enough for them. But as the saying goes, "people would prefer to see a train wreck as opposed to seeing a train be boarded."

I love Game Trade Central and I was recently informed about the bad blood they have on certain websites such as ripoff report. After further investigation, I found that many of those so-called negative reviews from actual customers are actually just extortion attempts from competing companies who are trying to put Game Trade Central out of business. I think this is completely ridiculous and a lame attempt at that.

What really bothers me is the damage this could be doing to there reputation. I know people online are gullible. Many people just believe whatever they hear especially if it's negative. Think about it. That's the way and reason the news is in business. Their primary driver emotion is fear. They want to scare you so you keep coming back for more.

Anyways, if you are not completely familiar with Game Trade Central, you should know that they are a reliable and trust-worthy company who buys used video games and video game systems. They have an excellent and easy to understand process. You simply follow the instructions and within no time you get your money in the mail or though whatever payment you like. I personally like the paypal option the best because it's the fastest.

As far as their reputation is concerned, it's been damaged by unscrupulous websites who are posting negative and false reviews about companies like Game Trade Central and other companies. This is been all over the news. One of the sites these dirty pirates frequent is ripoff report. Many of these competing sites will write a false and negative review of their competitor to trash their name in hopes that consumers will buy from them instead.

How about just practicing good business practices? What's with the mafia-style extortion online. I even have proof of this. If you go to ripoff report and search for any company, then go to Google and type their name into the search engine. Almost an overwhelming 80% of the time, you will find that if a company is listed in ripoff report, they are also listed on the complaintsboard site.

There are rumors that ripoff report and complaints board are the same company, and therefore, they use each site to bounce negative reviews off of one another.

Do you think it is just a coincidence that so many companies are listed in two of the same websites? Of course it's not a coincidence. It's artificial. If a competing company wants to really trash someone's name, they unscrupulously post negative reviews on multiple sites.

I can personally vouch for Game Trade Central. They are a great company that offers a great service. There is certainly no scam or ripoff with Game Trade Central.
Jason Johnson is a video gamer and reviewer of video game system services. Jason's most recent review is Game Trade Central. His Game Trade Central Review dispels the Game Trade Central Scam.

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